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Latest New iTravel Features (September 2013):

  • Coordinators can now recall travel back from the Traveler's WIP grid to their Coordinator's WIP grid. MORE...
  • For those in multiple Accountability Structures:
    • Work-in-progress (WIP) grids now support reporting of multiple Accountability Structures in a single view, with added filtering and sorting by Accountability Structure as a report element.
    • Traveler transactions can be assigned to a specific Accountability Structure upon transaction creation (instead of at system login). MORE...

iTravel Background

iTravel is a comprehensive and flexible travel planning and expense reporting system designed to meet the diverse needs of campus departments, as well as increase compliance with University travel policy, especially regarding required authorizations. Improvements to this system continue to be considered based on your thoughts and comments received at

The iTravel System has been designed to:

  • Speed reimbursements to travelers
  • Ensure better compliance with policies
  • Reduce errors and simplify data entry for travelers and travel coordinators
  • Enable travel planning as well as expense reporting
  • Allow travelers and travel coordinators easily to check the status of their travel expense reports.

Additional information:

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