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iTravel Announcements

September 2013

The Accounting Office and Computing & Communications are pleased to announce improvements to the iTravel system that will be deployed this week. The new enhancements are aimed at streamlining the travel reimbursement process:

Multiple Accountability Structures:

Since users may be assigned iTravel roles in more than one Accountability Structure, iTravel has been updated to better accommodate these situations by automatically detecting when a user is associated with multiple Accountability Structures. Users will notice the following changes:

  • The iTravel Main Menu page will provide a consolidated view of trips awaiting action across all Accountability Structures (similar to ePay). There is no need to select an Accountability Structure beforehand to view trips requiring action.
  • Work-in-progress (WIP) grids will support reporting of trips across multiple Accountability Structures in a single view with new filtering and sorting options by Accountability Structure.
  • Trips will now be assigned to a specific Accountability Structure upon creation of new travel expense reports. Therefore, it is important for Travel Coordinators to continue to assign trips to the correct Accountability Structure to ensure trips are routed through the appropriate approval process. In general, the traveler's supervisor or higher level official should approve the travel expenditures.

Travel Coordinator Recall Option:

Travel Coordinators will have the ability to "recall" trips from the Traveler's work-in-progress (WIP) grid back to their Coordinator's WIP grid. This new functionality is only available for trips within the Coordinator's Accountability Structure, and will be useful when a Traveler's NetID becomes inactive/invalid (e.g. the employee is separated) while a trip is awaiting Traveler approval. Once recalled, the Travel Coordinator should obtain the traveler's manual approval, upload the approval documentation into iTravel, and submit the trip directly to the Approve role.

Our goal is ensure that the iTravel system meets the business requirements of campus departments, while helping maintain compliance with Business and Finance Bulletin G-28.  Please submit suggestions for improvements and feedback on the features to  For more information on using iTravel, please reference the iTravel support site at

View a few examples of old vs. new screenshots
Fall 2013 New Feature Screenshots


July, 2012

iTravel Enhancements-July 2012

As part of the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Business Operations Working Smarter initiatives, iTravel has been modified to streamline the travel expense reimbursement audit processing. The Accounts Payable unit will no longer review every trip for policy compliance, but will conduct reviews using a sampling methodology based on trip criteria. Departments will continue to be responsible ensuring travel expense reports are completed in accordance with Business and Finance Bulletin G-28. The goal of this approach is to improve the reimbursement turnaround time. The success of this new approach is dependent upon the quality of the travel expense reporting.

In order to facilitate the streamlined processing, the "General" tab fields associated with trip Origination and Destination have been separated to provide unique fields for the City, State, and Country. This modification will allow for more consistent data entry, improve search results, and enhance the account coding of transactions.

Also in the "General" tab, departments will have the option to request special handling on an exceptional basis; special handling requests require an explanation in the Comments section documenting the circumstances necessitating the special handling. All trips with requests for special handling must be reviewed by Accounts Payable. If the specially handling request cannot be accommodated, the travel coordinator will be informed. To accommodate special handling requests for payments, Accounts Payable now has delivery options modified to mirror ePay.

Due to the new sampling methodology, it is increasingly important for travel coordinators, pre-approvers, and approvers ensure trips conform to Business & Finance Bulletin G-28 and all attachments are appropriate and readable.

View an example of the newly modified General tab.
new travel

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