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Getting Started

To use iTravel a UCR employee who is a traveler, approver, or travel coordinator needs to have a Net ID and password, to be entered with the correct role into the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS), and to have access to the Internet. Prior to a traveler’s first trip a travel profile must be completed. A travel coordinator needs, additionally, to have access to a scanner.

  • Travel System History and New Features of iTravel.
    The Travel System has been designed to be "paper sparse", to enable travel planning as well as expense reporting, and to incorporate as many travel "business rules" as possible to enable rapid processing of expense reimbursements.
  • UCR Net ID
    Everyone using iTravel must have a UCR Net ID and password.
  • Enterprise Access Control System
    After travelers have been assigned their Net ID their System Access Administrators (SAAs) assign their appropriate roles in iTravel.
  • Roles
    The different roles in iTravel are traveler, travel coordinator, pre-approver, and final approver.
  • Network/Scanner requirements
    An Internet connection is required. It is recommended that the connection occur through the campus connection, cable modem or DSL. Receipts are to be scanned into the Travel System and attached to the Travel Expense Voucher. Several moderately priced scanners have been tested and recommended by Computing.
  • What about non-employee travelers?
    Occasionally, your department may cover travel expenses for non-employees. Non-employees must be setup in the campus vendor database before they can be reimbursed for any travel expenses.

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