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Advance: A payment made prior to a trip for such things as a registration fee, airfare, hotel, and cash advances to the traveler. All advances must be accounted for on a travel expense report to clear them as an advance and post the charge to the appropriate expense account.

Approver: A person with designated authority to grant approval for a trip prior to its submission to the Accounting Office for reimbursement. Systems Access Administrators (SAAs) may designate both pre- and final approvers. While pre-approvers are optional in most cases, final approvers are mandatory.

Authentication: Authentication of an employee’s Net Id and password is performed by the UCR Enterprise Directory and is required to gain access to iTravel. Because non-employees login would fail authentication, their travel must be entered into iTravel by a Travel Coordinator.

Authorization: Authorization to use iTravel is granted by Systems Access Administrators (SAAs) via the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS).

Electronic Funds Transferr (EFT): A payment made directly to an employee's bank account. Employees who have selected direct deposit for their paychecks may also select EFT when setting up their traveler profile. EFT is usually a faster reimbursement method than a paper check. EFT is always optional, and employees may choose to be reimbursed by paper check.

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Expenses: For the purposes of iTravel, expenses are costs incurred by a traveler on university business travel.

Odometer: An instrument that indicates distance traveled by a vehicle. There is a place in iTravel for beginning and ending odometer readings. While iTravel does not require these fields be completed, some departments or control units may.

Profile: Information about a traveler (i.e. Department, Title, Employee ID). Each traveler must, prior to first use of iTravel, have a profile with all of the fields labeled in red completed.

Pre-Payment: A payment is made to cover an expense prior to the start of travel (i.e. registration fee, airfare, hotel lodging). Normally, payment is made via a purchase order or a check request.

Receipt: A printed or otherwise written acknowledgment that a specified product or service has been paid for. iTravel notifies the traveler or travel coordinator when receipts are required.

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Return to Traveler: A status set by the Travel Coordinator if there are questions or items that need changing by the traveler.

SAA: System Access Administrator. Department System Access Administrators (SAAs) grant access to UCR applications via the Enterprise Access Control System.

Scanner: A piece of equipment that electronically makes a digital copy of receipts to attach to the Travel Expense Voucher.

SubPO: A university purchase order (typically low value and issued by a campus department) often used to facilitate travel.

Travel Coordinator: Depending on departmental policies and guidelines, the Travel Coordinator reviews trips during the planning stage, make necessary travel arrangements, and finalizes expense reporting.

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Travel Credit Card: A UC Visa Corporate Card that has been issued to an employee to use specifically for expenses associated with UC Travel

Traveler in Progress: The Travel Coordinator sets this status when a travel request is submitted by the traveler and reviewed by the Travel Coordinator.

Traveler: This is the role assigned to employees instigating a business trip. The traveler role allows users the options of travel planning and expense reporting.

Travel Expense Reporting: Upon completion of a travel trip, travelers retrieve the document they previously entered to plan their trip and enter the travel expenses.

Trip ID: A number that is automatically assigned by the Travel System to each new document that a traveler enters. The number is assigned once the traveler saves his/her document.

UCR Net ID: A logon/user ID name that has been established for a specific individual.

Work in Progress: An incomplete travel planning report to be modified at a later time.

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