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Travel System History

Prior to 1996 campus offices used NCR forms that had to be filled out with a typewriter. Travel Coordinators calculated reimbursements on an adding machine and attached those tapes when they submitted the forms to Accounting so they could be checked for accuracy. A major problem with this system was that a Travel Coordinator needed several colors of correcting fluid on hand, because a typographical error meant removing the multi-colored, multi-part form from the typewriter, painting out the error on each page, waiting for the correcting fluid to dry, and then reinserting the form in the typewriter before continuing. The other obvious problem was the potential for mathematical error.

During 1996 most campus offices began swapping their NCR forms for an Excel travel template that had built-in formulas that calculated and reconciled the various entries. The template was a vast improvement, not only because it increased accuracy but also because the user could easily make changes and reprint the document. However, the system was still paper-intensive with a complete packet including copies of supporting documents and receipts.

In 2003, a Campus committee began to meet to develop specifications for iTravel, UCR’s new web-based, paper-sparse travel planning and reporting system.

By 2005, pilot users and the Accounting Office were working together in testing the system and providing feedback to the programmers. Significant system enhancements have been added since the pilot program’s initial rollout.

During 2006, the pilot user group was significantly expanded, and iTravel was rolled out to the entire campus by year end.

Since the campus-wide roll out, additional new features have been implemented to meet user's needs as well as UC travel requirements.

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