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Travel Routing

The travel system contains specific routing paths between the various travel system user roles. The routing path is dependent on the status of the Travel System entry. For example a travel system entry in the Planning stage will be routed solely between the Traveler and the Travel Coordinator. However, a Travel Expense Report will be routed between the Traveler, the Travel Coordinator, Approver roles and Accounting. In addition, the routing is also dependent on the traveler's EACS routing. For example, if a traveler is assigned a Pre-Approver this role will be added to the routing path, otherwise only the Final Approver will be included.

Following are details concerning the routing paths and corresponding status:


A traveler can initiate a trip in the planning stage. The planning stage allows the traveler to communicate requests for approval or travel planning necessities (e.g., airline ticket reservations or lodging arrangements) to the Travel Coordinator. The traveler will "submit" their travel planning request to the travel coordinator. The status of the Travel Planning Request is SUBMITTED and is moved to the Travel Coordinator's queue. In addition, an e-mail notification will be sent to the Travel Coordinator announcing this action. The travel coordinator has the ability to return the Travel Planning request back to the traveler or approve the Travel Planning request thereby changing the status to In Progress which will allow for expense reporting.


A traveler can request a travel advances within the Travel Planning Request. The routing for advances is similar to the Travel Expense Report routing path. The Traveler submits requests for Advances to the Travel Coordinator. The Travel Coordinator forwards the Advance Request to the Department Approver who submits the request to Accounting. Upon final approval by Accounting of the Advance, the request is moved back to the Travel Coordinator's queue. The Travel Coordinator can then move the Trip Request back to the Traveler for Expense Reporting.

Expense Report

A Travel Expense Report will be routed between the Traveler, Travel Coordinator, necessary department approver roles and Accounting. A traveler can add travel expense entries into their Travel Expense Report and submit the Travel Expense Report to the Travel Coordinator. The travel Coordinator will review the expense request and scan necessary supporting documentation. The Travel System also allows the Travel Coordinator the ability to enter all expense entries on behalf of a traveler. The Travel Planning stage is not required. The Travel Coordinator will return the finalized Travel Expense Report to the Traveler for their approval. The Traveler will verify the Expense Report and submit to the Department Approver. Depending on the traveler's EACS routing, the Department Approver may include a the optional role of Pre-Approver and Final Approver. For most travelers the Department Approver will be the Final Approver. The Final Approver will review the final expense report for appropriateness and forward to Accounting for processing.

Where is My Trip?

The travel system includes an option to view a graphical representation of the status and location of Travel Requests. The image indicates at what stage in the routing path the Trip resides. This feature can be accessed from within the Trip Request's HISTORY APPROVAL section from the "My Trip's Routing Location" link..

The following example illustrates that the Trip Request is in the Traveler's approval queue.

Regular Routing

Advance Routing

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