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Non-Electronically Enforced Business Rules

The travel system was designed with flexibility to accommodate the disparity of needs across the campus. A result of this flexible design philosophy is that many of the travel policies and procedures must be manually enforced by knowledgeable people who are assigned appropriate roles in the travel system.

  • SAAs must know the appropriate approval authority hierarchy in their units and establish travel routing accordingly. For example, a traveler’s subordinate may not be a final approver, but may be assigned a pre-approval role in iTravel.
  • Travel Coordinators must ensure that originals of all scanned receipts and other supporting documents are retained in the department for the appropriate amount of time. The Accounting Office is no longer the office of record for backup travel documentation.
  • Travel Coordinators must know the University’s travel policies in order to ensure that only allowable expenses are submitted for reimbursement; advance requests are appropriate; and advances are cleared via a travel expense voucher.

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