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  • BFB G-28 - TRAVEL - Business and Finance Bulletin regarding University Policies and Procedures Governing Travel. All Travel must be authorized, reported, and reimbursed according to this bulletin.
  • BFB Bus-79 - ENTERTAINMENT - Business and Finance Bulletin outlines University policies and procedures governing the manner and extent to which the University may extend hospitality for business purposes only.
  • BFB G-13 -MOVING, REMOVAL AND RELOCATION - Business and Finance Bulletin regarding University Policies & Regulations Governing Moving & Relocation. This Bulletin governs the reimbursement policies and regulations regarding moving and relocation expenses.


  • 900-20 - Travel Process - UCR policy and procedures for acceptable expenses for reimbursements as well as the process to obtain reimbursements.
  • 900-40 - Travel Advances & Direct Charges - UCR policy and procedures providing a brief overview of the UC policies and campus procedures for requesting travel advances, cash advances, direct charges for airfare, registration fees and local hotels.
  • 900-05 - T&E Corporate Charge Card - UCR policy and procedures regarding the Travel & Entertainment (T&E) charge card. The primary advantage to the traveler is that most travel expenses--airline tickets, car rentals, hotels, meals, etc. can be charged without restrictions and the need to carry cash is reduced substantially.
  • 900-45 - Use of Privately Owned Autos - UCR policy regarding the acceptable use of personnel vehicles while conducting University business and the procedures for reimbursement.
  • 900-80 - Vehicle Rental & Hotel/Motel - UCR policy governing car rentals and hotel/motel expenses.
  • 200-44 - Entertainment Expenses - This policy governs the manner and extent to which the University may extend hospitality for business purposes only, provides maximum per person rates authorized for entertainment, and specifies the University funds that may be used for such purposes.
  • 650-31 - Removal-Moving Expense for Academic Positions - UCR policy governing the acceptable University payment for removal or moving of Academic Positions.
  • 650-32 - Moving/Relocation Expense for Staff Employees - UCR procedure for transacting movin/relocation expense reimbursements and allowances for non-exclusively represented staff employees. Represented staff should refer to their collective bargaining contract agreement.


Many policies exist governing travel by university employees. Some apply to the entire UC system; others pertain specifically to the UC Riverside campus. In addition, many campus departments have their own, possibly more restrictive, policies related to travel, which may supersede the UCR and UCOP travel policies.

Due to this extremely complex suite of policies regarding travel, the UCR Travel Planning and Expense Reporting System does not aim to enforce every potential business rule in existence. Instead, only key business rules have been programmed into the system, enabling the program to be as flexible as possible. Through the travel approval routing process, each campus department has the flexibility and opportunity to enforce their own rules and procedures as desired.

For information about department-specific travel policies, please locate the appropriate representative.

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