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Roles in iTravel

The roles in iTravel are assigned by the Systems Access Administrator (SAA). A single individual can have more than one role, and a given role determines the screens to which one has access, what tasks can be performed, and what authorizations exist. The roles available to departmental users include traveler, travel coordinator, pre-approver and final approver. iTravel is very flexible, adjusting easily to varying departments’ requirements.

Users of any financial application must have taken and passed  1) the on-line Enterprise Accountability and 2) the on-line Full Accounting Unit (FAU) training.  There is an expectation that the assigned Coordinator and Approver be familiar with the various UC policies governing the particular travel reimbursements they are processing.  Although the system and this support site attempts to guide the Coordinator and Approver in certain areas, it is the Coordinator and Approver's responsibility to ensure the travel reimbursement complies with policy (this may require some research depending upon the different types of travel within your unit).


Individuals who travel on University business should be assigned this role by the department SAA. This role provides various options to travelers:

  • Travelers have access to customize their travel profiles. (Optionally, travel coordinators may enter traveler profile information.)
  • Travelers have access to the optional Planning function, which allows them to:
    • Request approval for future travel
    • Request that travel coordinators make their travel arrangements
    • Request cash advances
    • Insert comments
    • Submit data to their Travel Coordinators
      (Note that departments may require travelers to make their own travel arrangements and may not use the travel planning function at all, or perhaps only in part. iTravel is designed to accommodate departments’ various workflow structures.)
  • Travelers can enter detailed and itemized travel expenses once they are incurred. (Note that some travel coordinators may enter the detailed itemizations into iTravel on travelers’ behalf from paper worksheets and/or original receipts. This choice is a departmental option.)
  • Travelers can electronically approve their travel expense reports after their Travel Coordinators have reviewed and/or created them. (Travelers may also provide written signature authorization rather than electronic, if allowed by departments.)
  • Travelers may add comments at this stage.
  • Travelers can withdraw travel expense reports for trips that have been cancelled.
  • Travelers can view the status of travel expense reports to determine their location in the review and reimbursement process.

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Travel Coordinator

The Travel Coordinator’s role is to review the travel planning/ travel expense reports for appropriateness and scan the necessary documentation. This role provides several rights and obligations:

  • Every iTravel expense report must, at a minimum, be reviewed by a travel coordinator. Even if travelers have entered all their own information, travel coordinators are responsible for scanning in the original receipts and other backup documentation into iTravel and then submitting the reviewed travel expense reports for approval and ultimately reimbursement by Accounting.
  • Travel coordinators have the ability to input travel planning information on behalf of travelers.
  • Travel coordinators can update or create traveler profiles for anyone within their accountability structure.
  • Travel coordinators can enter itemized details into travel expense reports.
  • Travel coordinators can scan receipts and other documents to create complete electronic travel expense report packets.
  • Travel coordinators can approve or reject information entered by travelers and they can enter comments, which are mandatory for rejected reports.
  • Travel coordinators can amend any travel expense reports in their organizational structure’s work in progress queue.
  • A Travel coordinator can by-pass a traveler’s electronic expense report approval by scanning in the associated travel expense voucher signed by the traveler for forwarding on to the pre-approver/final approver

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This role is optional. The establishment of this role for a department is dependent upon how the department implements the Travel System and/or approval requirements associated with an individual traveler. For example, a departmental chair/director’s travel may have to be approved by the appropriate Dean/VC (final approver), but the departmental financial officer may want act as a pre-approver first. Pre-approvers cannot approve their own travel expense reports. Pre-approvers have the same access and rights to the travel system as travelers. Additionally:

  • Pre-approvers can scan additional documents as part of packets.
  • Pre-approvers can approve or reject any travel expense reports submitted by travel coordinators who are in their accountability structure. (Rejected reports go back to the travel coordinators in the pre-approver’s accountability structure)
  • Pre-approvers can add comments, which are optional for approved travel expense reports, but mandatory for rejected ones.

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Final Approver

A final approver is the last person to review a travel expense report before it routes to Accounting for reimbursement. The final approver’s role access and rights are identical to those of a pre-approver, except that no additional approval is necessary.

  • Final approvers can scan additional documents as part of packets.
  • Final approvers can approve or reject any travel expense reports submitted by travel coordinators who are in their accountability structure. (Rejected report goes back to the travel coordinators in the pre-approver’s accountability structure)
  • Final approvers can add comments, which are optional for approved travel expense reports, but mandatory for rejected ones.

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Accounting Office Staff Responsibilities

After travel expense reports receive final approval and are submitted for reimbursement, Accounting Office Staff can:

  • Approve travel expense reports and queue them for reimbursement
  • Reject travel expense reports, an action which returns them to the appropriate travel coordinators in the accountability structure.
  • Add comments, which are optional when a travel expense report is approved, but mandatory when it is rejected.
  • Scan supplemental documents associated with the trip

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