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Routing & Rules

  • Things To Think About
    When assigning roles in the Travel Planning & Expense Reporting System and establishing Travel Routing paths it is important to consider the following...
  • User Roles & Hierarchies
    Be sure you are setup for the appropriate role for your department. The assigned travel roles control the level of access and authority in the travel application.
  • Travel Routing
    The travel system contains specific routing paths between the various travel system user roles. A travel system entry in the Planning stage will be routed solely between the Traveler and the Travel Coordinator. However, a Travel Expense Report will be routed between the Traveler, the Travel Coordinator, Approver roles and Accounting.
  • Automated Travel E-mail Notifications
    Automated e-mail notifications are generated as Travel Planning Requests and Travel Expense Reports move along the routing path between traveler, travel coordinator and approvers. Routing examples are included.
  • EACS Routing Examples
    Examples and illustrations showing existing departments routing has been included to assist with the task of designating roles in the Travel System and establishing travel routing. It may be necessary to identify users outside of your own department/unit to accommodate special approval routing.
  • Electronic Enforcement of Business Rules
    Rules that the system will enforce automatically i.e., expenses over a certain amount require a receipt to be scanned and attached to the electronic travel expense summary.
  • Non-Electronically Enforced Business Rules
    These rules are the policies and procedures which must be adhered to by the traveler, the travel coordinator, or a pre- or final approver. An example of a non-electronically enforced business rule is that a travel expense report cannot be approved by a traveler's subordinate. In this case, the Systems Access Administrator (SAA) is responsible for setting up the approval routing in such a way as to ensure compliance.
  • Approving the Travel Expense Report versus Approving the Travel Expense / FAU
    A distinction should be made between two areas regarding approving Travel transactions.

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