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Things to Think About

When assigning roles in the Travel Planning & Expense Reporting System and establishing Travel Routing paths it is important to consider the following items:

  • Consider backup roles. It is possible to assign more than one Travel Coordinator, Pre Approver or Final Approver. The travel routing option includes a “preferred” status designation that can help distinguish between primary and backup roles
  • A final approver may not approve their own travel expense report, so it may be necessary to designate more than one Final Approver for your group and also establish a special routing entry for final approver travelers.
  • Understand your “special routing” travelers. Travelers such as Department Chairs, Deans and AVCs may require approvers outside of your department or unit. It will be necessary to identify those users (including their UCR Net ID) to be able to designate these individuals as Final Approvers in your EACS Travel Routing section.
  • The Travel System provides for two department approver roles: Pre Approver and Final Approver. The role of Pre-Approver is an optional role. The establishment of this role for a department is dependent upon how the department implements the Travel System and/or approval requirements associated with an individual traveler. For example, a departmental chair/director’s travel may have to be approved by the appropriate Dean/VC (Final Approver), but the departmental financial office may want to review the expense reports as a Pre-Approver prior to it being routed to the final approver. Bear in mind, Pre Approvers have access to the system as a Traveler as well as a Pre Approver, but pre approvers cannot approve their own travel expense reports.
  • Subordinates should not approve a supervisor’s travel. Although the Travel System is able to electronically enforce certain travel policies (e.g., a traveler cannot approve their own travel expense reports) there are some aspects of Travel Routing that cannot be controlled, but should be understood.
  • Units with multiple SAAs for the same org. value should designate one SAA to assign when adding travel roles in EACS. Click HERE for an example of an EACS entry of a unit who has more than one SAA assigned to the same org. value.

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