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Frequently Asked Questions

Gaining Access & Connecting

Who is eligible to use VLab?All students are eligible to use VLab, as it is part of the Student Technology Fee.

When is VLab available?
VLab is available every day of the week at every hour except for scheduled downtime for upgrades and maintenance.

Is a VPN connection required?

How can I connect to VLab?
Connection requires broadband internet with at least 1.5 Mbps downstream. Other connections may experience problems. You will connect by following the instructions on "How to Gain Access".

Once in the Virtual Desktop

Do I stay logged on?
You will be forced out if the system notices you have been idle for over 45 minutes.

Do I access the same virtual desktop each time?
No. There are many virtual desktops set up for each application and there is no guarantee you will be given the same desktop. Nothing will be saved. Once you log out, the desktop will be wiped to initial status.

What if someone accesses the virtual desktop I was working on, will they see my work?
No. Once logged out, the virtual desktop will be wiped clear.

How do I save files?
You will need to use Google Drive to save files. Files created within the Virtual Desktop of VMware will NOT be saved.


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