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UCR offers secure remote access to UCR resources using Virtual Private Network technology. You can think of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as a secure data tunnel between your computer (either at home or while traveling) and the UCR and other resource networks. UCR offers three different types of VPN service: Cisco's AnyConnect Client VPN, WebVPN, and Smart-Tunnel VPN. The three services are aimed at different usages, and offer different primary benefits. VPN Services are available to students, staff, and faculty in the UCR community.

AnyConnect VPN

UCR offers Cisco's AnyConnect VPN client.  This is the preferred method of accessing UCR resources remotely. AnyConnect establishes a secure tunnel between the user's computer and the campus network with no configuration required by the user. This connection gives off-campus access to university computing resources, including those not available through a browser. AnyConnect has the advantage of being able to be utilized in all access situations (such as non web-based resources). For more information on installing the AnyConnect VPN client please visit the AnyConnect VPN support site or contact the help desk.


UCR offers WebVPN as a lightweight solution allowing off-campus users to access web-based resources through a secure browser session as if they were on campus, without installing client software. This makes it ideal for use on public computers, or when software cannot be installed on the computer at hand. WebVPN does not allow access to non-web-based resources, and some web-based resources. Due to this limitation Computing & Communications recommends WebVPN only when using AnyConnect is not possible. For more information on WebVPN please visit the WebVPN support site or contact the help desk.

Smart-Tunnel VPN

UCR offers Cisco's Smart-Tunnel technology, an extension of the WebVPN available for Windows and Macintosh PCs. Like WebVPN, Smart-Tunnel allows users to access web-based resources as if the PC were on campus without the installation of client software, though it does require Java or ActiveX. Smart-Tunnel does not support access to non web-based resources.  Due to this limitation Computing & Communications recommends Smart-Tunnel only when using AnyConnect is not possible.  For more information on Smart-Tunnel please visit the Smart-Tunnel support site or contact the help desk.

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