University of California, Riverside

Virtual Private Networking

Faculty and Staff

Requirements for VPN access:

  1. You must be listed in the UCR Enterprise Directory.
  2. Your entry must include a UCR Net ID.

Activating access:

Your account activation is automatic after two hours of being entered in the Enterprise Directory.

If your entry is not complete, or you are not listed:

Contact your Departmental MSO or Enterprise Directory Administrator to make corrections and/or verify that you are eligible to be listed in the Enterprise Directory. If you are not eligible to be listed in the Enterprise Directory, then you will not be eligible for Computing and Communications' Electronic Services.

New users with no UCR Net ID:

If you do not have a UCR Net ID, see your Department Enterprise Directory Administrator to enter a UCR Net ID for you. 2 hours after your directory listing is complete, your account will be active, at which time you must set a permanent password.

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