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Virtual Private Networking

Using WebVPN

What is WebVPN?

WebVPN allows student, faculty, and staff users to access web-based resources through a secure browser session, as if they were on campus. Importantly, WebVPN does not require the installation of any client software. This makes it ideal for use on public computers, or for users who cannot install software on the computer at hand. Because of some limitations, Computing & Communications recommends WebVPN only in situations where AnyConnect is not possible.

Important: You must use the VPN toolbar, not your browser's address bar, to browse to a new URL. Typing a new URL into the address bar will terminate your WebVPN session, and campus-only resources will no longer be available.  Also, please note that certain functions of the toolbar may be blocked by your browser's security features. In those instances addressing the security prompts should remove the security notification and reveal the WebVPN toolbar.

System Requirements

All browsers must have Java or ActiveX installed and enabled to use the WebVPN

Supported operating systems and browsers include:

  • Windows 7 and higher via Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
  • Mac OS X via Safari, Firefox and Chrome.
  • Linux via Firefox.
  • Other operating systems and/or browsers may operate, but are not officially supported.
Connecting to WebVPN

Open a browser and navigate to

Login with your UCR NetID.

step 1

You will be taken to the WebVPN Home page.  To access a site type its address in the address field directly to the right of the house icon. To access the Library type

step 1

When you are logged into WebVPN you will see a small toolbar in the upper corner of your browser window. This toolbar allows you to control your WebVPN session and access new websites without losing your WebVPN connection.

WebVPN Toolbar
Navigating with the WebVPN Toolbar

Click the arrow to move the toolbar from one side of the browser to the other.

Toolbar Arrow

Click the globe icon to enter the URL of a new website.

Toolbar Globe
WebVPN Address bar

Click the house icon to return to the WebVPN home page.

Toolbar House

Click the power icon to end your WebVPN session.

Toolbar Power

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