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Virtual Private Networking

What is VPN?


Virtual Private Network

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, creates a virtual "tunnel" through which your data travels from your computer, over the Internet, to the VPN hardware at UCR. One benefit derived from using a VPN is that the "tunnel" protects your data from being "overheard" as it passes over the public Internet. Another is that, when using a VPN connection, your computer "appears" on the campus network as if it were on campus.

You can think of a VPN as a secure data tunnel between your computer (either at home or while traveling) and the UCR network. UCR offers three different types of VPN service: Cisco's AnyConnect Client VPN, Smart-Tunnel VPN, and WebVPN. The three services are aimed at different usages, and offer different primary benefits. VPN Services are available to students, staff, and faculty in the UCR community.

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