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Label & Space Details

Editing Space Details

In this panel, one can choose to edit the details of the space, including its name, description, and default homepage. The default homepage can be assigned to any existing page within the space. This feature may be best used in combination with a "Home" page that clearly outlines the important information that exists in a space.

Space Details

Personal Space Conversion

One may choose to convert an administered global space to a personal space through this panel. To do so:

  1. Read the Convert to Personal Space description. Note that you can only have 1 personal space.
  2. Make sure that "Update Links" is checked on (default setting)
  3. Hit the button titled "Convert Space"

Converting a Space

Editing Space Labels

Labels can be added to this space from this panel. For more information on labels, visit the Pages section.


On the left dialog box, one can specify "standard" (as opposed to team, below) labels to apply to the space. These labels can be used to match an existing category of content already in the wiki to group the content together. To add a label:

  1. Type a label title under the "Add Label" text field
  2. Click on "Add"

Normal Labels

Team Labels

Team labels will appear in the drop down box inside the "team tab" on your dashboard. They can be used to group together related spaces for project teams. Optionally one may choose a Team label from the list of Available Team Labels if some have already been created.

  1. Type a label title under the "Add Label" text field
  2. Click on "Add"
  3. OR click on an existing Team label to select it

Space Labels

Removing Spaces

If necessary, an administrator of a space may choose to permanently remove it. Read the section text carefully and be certain before committing to do so.

Removing a Space

WARNING: This operation cannot be undone. Once the space is removed, it cannot be retrieved. It will be gone forever.


This panel contains pages and documents that were once removed from the space. It can be used to restore individual files (not the space itself)  as well as to permanently delete them.


More Information 

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