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Wireless with GuestIDs

How to request a Guest Wireless Account

Do you have guests coming to campus that are in need of a temporary wireless account to access the internet and who aren't coming from an eduroam enabled campus?  Please use the Guest Wireless Account Management website to create new, temporary accounts. 

Connecting to "ucrwpa" or "eduroam" using a GuestID

If you are using a GuestID, please use the specific operating system or device instructions provided below. 

Mac OS X instructions:

1. Click on the Airport icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, next to the system clock.  Click on "Turn Airport On" if the Airport card is off. Click on "Join Other Network...".

2. For the "Network Name" enter eduroam (all lower case), or ucrwpa, depending on which network you wish to use. network
3.Click on the "Security" drop down menu. security
4. In the "Security" drop down menu, select WPA2 Enterprise. Once you do so the screen will provide blank areas to put your username and password. username>

5. When using eduroam, enter your GuestID ( and your guestID password, then click "Join" button.

When using ucrwpa, enter your GuestID (guestID) and your guestID password, then click "Join"  button.

*note ucrwpa does not need after the guestID username.


6. The Verify Certification screen will appear click "Continue" button.

7. By clicking on your Airport icon you can see that you are logged in to the eduroam network or ucrwpa network depending on the network you logged into. icon

Windows Instructions:

 1. In Network Locations on your computer, find the "eduroam" or "ucrwpa". Check the box for  and click "Connect". icon
 2. In the Windows Security window, enter your GuestID as username ("ucrwpa" only use guestID), and password, click "OK". icon

 3. A Windows Security Alert will pop up. Click "Connect", as this is a trusted server.

You will now be logged in to the network chosen.


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