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Check here periodically to find out the newest developments in the campus wireless networking progress.  We will post updates to keep you informed of network availability, new technology, and network expansion.

December 2013 Update

The wireless certificate has changed! Most users will be prompted to accept a new certificate and connection to UCRWPA and Eduroam will be restored.

However, users who have previously downloaded the Secure W2 client onto their computer to connect to UCRWPA or Eduroam will need to update their certificate by following the instructions on connecting with the new Secure W2 Online Tool (Option 2) (page with instructions). Secure W2 Tool will work with Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire. 

  • July 21, 2005
    Wireless Networking Covers More Areas

    WiFi networking at UCR has only gotten better during the past year. UCR currently has over 350 access points servicing the campus, which now includes all general use classrooms and lecture halls (see for more information). Recent wireless expansion has also included the new Physical Science building and the Heckman Center.

    Most of the wireless coverage map has been migrated from a visual map to a room listing by building. This will make it easier for wireless users to check if a specific room has wireless coverage available.

    Computing and Communications is keeping up with the building development on campus and is working on wireless coverage for the new Engineering building (Engineering II).

  • February 23, 2005
    UCR Ranks 16th in Most Unwired College Campuses

    Intel's "Most Unwired College Campuses" survey ranks the top 100 schools for wireless computing access. The survey reveals a growing number of schools across the country where s have the freedom to wirelessly access the Internet on notebook PCs-without a traditional wired connection-and stay connected and informed whether they're in the dorm room, library or outdoors at the campus quad.

    See the list of the top 100 schools for wireless computing access.

  • December 24, 2003
    Wireless Card Loan Program Discontinued

    Due to the common awareness of wireless networking among the general public and the rapid decline of consumer wireless networking products, Cisco 350 wireless cards will no longer be available for loan through Student Computing Services.

    Current students have had ample time to learn about the wireless network, and future students are well aware of the advantages of wireless computing. Thus, providing wireless cards for students to borrow on a quarterly basis to "test drive" the wireless network is no longer necessary.

    If students still have questions about wireless cards or wireless networking, they can email

  • October 02, 2003
    Worm Infected Laptops

    The past couple months has been problematic for Windows 2000 and XP users because of the spread of the Blaster and Welchia worms. Students coming back from Summer break may be unaware that their computer is infected with one of these worms.

    Currently, a number of students are currently locked out of the wireless network because their computer is infected and is trying to spread the worm to other computers on campus. If you try to login to the UCR Wireless network and receive and error stating that you have Blaster on your computer, you should immediately go to the UCR Wireless downloads page and download the patch for you computer (Windows 2000 or XP, respectively) and the two Worm removal tools, FixBlast and FixWelch. You may have to use another computer and save these files to a floppy disk if your computer cannot access the network.

    Run the patch first, then reboot the computer. Then run the two removal utilities, and reboot your computer. Then visit the Watkins Computer Lab in order for a Lab Consultant or other SCS Staff member can verify the patch has been installed and the worm(s) have been removed from your computer, and have your wireless account reinstated.

  • October 01, 2003
    Wireless Card Loan Program Ending

    This is the last quarter UCR Computing will be offering Cisco 350 Aironet cards on loan to students. Through Fall 2003, only incoming Freshman students will be allowed to borrow a Cisco 350 Aironet card via Student Computing Services. This program was instated two years ago to provide students an opportunity to experience wireless networking on their laptops without making the initial investment for a card. Now that laptops are becoming an essential tool in student life and wireless networking has become increasingly popular, the need for a loaner program is no longer necessary.

  • December 23, 2002
    Wireless Card Loan Program Policy Changes

    UCR Computing through Student Computing Services has been offering a limited number of Cisco 350 Aironet cards for loan on a quarterly and two week basis. The policy has been that if a student has borrowed a wireless card through this program, that student may not check out the card again.

    The following changes will take effect starting Winter 2003:

    All wireless cards will now be available on the full quarter basis. The two week policy will no longer be in effect. Students may opt to return the card earlier than the due date, but will have the opportunity to keep the card until the end of the quarter (or as designated by Student Computing Services staff).

    Students who have borrowed a card before will be allowed to borrow a card again in another quarter, but only after the 2nd full week of the quarter (assuming any wireless cards are still available. This is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to try out the wireless network without making the initial investment on a card. Anyone who borrows a wireless card via this program should seriously look into purchasing their own card. Prices of 802.11b WiFi cards has dropped dramatically in recent months. Cards from top brand name manufacturers have joined second and third tier network device companies and have started selling in the $70 range.

  • December 23, 2002
    Secure Wireless Networking via VPN

    UCR Computing is proud to announce that VPN services are now available for the UCR community. Wireless users can now get on the wireless network using a VPN connection, thus having a secure encrypted connection.

    Please visit for information and client downloads.

    Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux clients are available.

    Note: The current system in place (Authgate) will still remain to service those who do not wish to use the VPN or are using an operating system not supported (Mac OS 9, etc.). Although, it is highly encouraged that wireless users now use the VPN rather than the web based authentication.

  • September 20, 2002
    Bear Facts 2002 Summer Orientation Raffle Winners

    Incoming Freshman that visited the Student Computing Services table during orientation and filled out a survey were entered into a raffle to win one of five Cisco Aironet 350 Wireless Network Cards.

    The following five students were chosen at random to receive a free Cisco Aironet 350 Wireless Network Card:

    Jeff Covey
    Raees Ebrahim
    Eric Pan
    Anil Raj
    Jacqueline Ramirez

    The raffle winners can visit Watkins 2103 on September 26 (or after) to pick up their Cisco Aironet card. Prizes not picked up by October 11 (end of 2nd week of Fall Quarter) will be redrawn for and new winners announced if applicable.

  • April 23, 2002
    Printer setup instructions for Mac OS X now available!

    OS X users can now print over wireless to the HP LaserJet 4100N located in Watkins 2111 using these simple to follow instructions. Take advantage of what UCR wireless networking has to offer!

  • April 05, 2002
    Printing over wireless now available!

    A printer is now available for wireless network users. An HP 4100N is located in Watkins Hall 2111 (Watkins Computer Lab). UCR wireless users can print from their laptops via a wireless connection to this printer.

    Done typing up a paper on your laptop while in the Commons? Print it out and pick it up in Watkins Hall 2111!

    Instructions on how to install and setup the printer under Windows 2000 and Windows XP are now available in the Support section of the Wireless website. Windows 9x/ME and Mac OS 9.x and 10.x coming soon.

  • February 04, 2002
    More Coverage Area, maps, and installation guides!

    The UCR Wireless site has been updated to include the following:

    Maps for the following buildings


    Life Sciences


    Wireless LAN Adapter Driver Installation for Windows XP.

  • November 27, 2001
    Coverage Area Continues to Grow!

    The wireless coverage area at UCR continues to grow at a rapid pace. At the beginning of the Fall quarter, there were about 50 access points installed; now there are 97! New areas of coverage include:



    Humanities and Social Sciences

    Watkins Hall

    Sproul Hall

    College Building North and South

    The Barn

  • November 19, 2001
    Wireless Cards Available for Loan

    Loaner wireless network cards are still available for FREE at the Watkins Computer Lab. Some cards are available for a period one quarter and others are available for for two weeks.

    We have appx. 10 "two-week" cards available right now! The cards that were "checked out" at the beginning of fall quarter will be available again starting January 7th, 2002.

    Call (ext. 6495) or visit the Student Computing Services Help Desk located in Watkins Hall room 2103-A.

  • September 28, 2001
    Wireless Network Launches on UCR Campus.

    The Wireless Network was launched on Friday Sep. 28, 2001 and is now available for UCR students, faculty, and staff. For more information about this new campus service, the areas covered, and how to become a part of the wireless community please refer to the pages within this website.

  • August 08, 2001
    Bear Facts Orientation Raffle 2001:WINNERS

    Here are the winners of the Student Computing Services Bear Facts Orientation

    Raffle: Cisco-Aironet 340 Wireless Network Card

    Trinity Ryan
    Brianna Brinner

    Wired for Wireless T-Shirt

    Janet Chi
    Tera Trotter
    Modesto Tojin
    Ruben E. Padilla
    Megan Ma
    Mario Alvarez
    Joseph Perez
    Jose Chardez
    Ruthie Nguyen
    Charles Young
    Travis Feenstra
    Saad Majid

    Winners will be contacted by phone. Prizes can be picked up at the SCS Help Desk in Watkins 2103. A picture ID is required to claim prizes.
    See the list of the top 100 schools for wireless computing access.

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