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Connecting to UCRWPA Wireless

The UCRWPA wireless network brings the opportunity for improved scalability for an increased user base, sustained stable connections, end-to-end session encryption to match today’s industry standards, as well as native connectivity for end-point devices creating a more user friendly, seamless experience.

Connection Instructions:

  • For Windows 7 and 10 users: Left Click on the wireless icon located in the bottom right-hand corner of your computer.

  • Select “UCRWPA” for the list of available wireless networks. Check “Connect Automatically” and click connect.

  • When prompted enter your UCR NetID credentials.

  ucrwpa step 2

  • You should now see your device connected to UCRWPA.

Using UCRWPA on Smartphones & Tablets

  • In your mobile device's Wi-Fi settings, UCRWPA will show up automatically if on campus. 
  • Join the UCRWPA network and enter your credentials when asked, accepting the certificate if prompted. 
  • Note: Students may need to change their password at before logging in for the first time. 

Using UCRWPA on Computers and Laptops

1. In Network Locations on your device, find the "ucrwpa" connection. Check the box for "connect automatically" and click "Connect". ucrwpa step 1
2. In the Windows Security window, enter your netID as username, and password, click "OK". ucrwpa step 2
3. A Windows Security Alert will pop up. Click "Connect", as this is a trusted server. ucrwpa step 3


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