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Windows XP Instructions

Connecting to "ucrwpa" or "eduroam" Wireless

This is a generic set of instructions on how to configure a wireless adapter to connect to "ucrwpa" or "eduroam". If you would prefer to use the Secure W2 Utility Tool please use the instructions on the Windows page (option 2).

Connecting Natively (Built in Configurations)
1. Control Panel -> click "Network Connections" step 1
2. Right click "WiFi Network Adapter -> click "Properties" step 2
3. Wireless Networks tab -> click "Add..." step 3
4. Association Tab -> Network name (SSID) = "ucrwpa" or "eduroam" (depending on which you want to connect to), check "Connect even if this network is not broadcasting". Set Network Authentication to "WPA2" and Data Encryption to "AES". step 4
5. Authentication Tab -> EAP type = "Protected EAP (PEAP)", click on "Properties" step 5
6. Check "Validate server certificate", check "Connect to these servers" and type "". Under Trusted Root Certification authoerities check "Go Daddy Class 2 Certification Authority". Select Authentication Method = Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2), click "Configure..." step 6
7. Uncheck "Automatically use my Windows logon name and password" step 7
Press "OK" on all dialog windows.  
8. Click on system tray message, "Click here to select a certificate or other credentials for connection to the network" step 8
9. For UCRWPA, enter your NetID and password. For eduroam, type your and password. step 9

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